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How to identify good or bad quality sealing tape

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How to identify good or bad quality sealing tape

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Ordinary sealing tape is any company, individual life indispensable supplies, because of its technical content is not high, many domestic manufacturers, so the quality of products on the market mixed. And our domestic tape industry is still stuck in low-tech stage, the state of the tape is not a perfect standard. Many consumers know the tape is cheap, viscosity feel better, in fact, this is wrong. Tapes do not buy cheaper plans, a sub-price goods, cheaper raw materials from the tape certainly make a fuss, today the Pacific packing tape tape teach you how to identify good or bad quality!

1. The composition of the tape:

After sealing tape is based on the original BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film on the rear side of the high-voltage corona so that the surface roughness after coating overlying water, and then after slitting machine into a small roll of tape that we use every day, so the first tape BOPP film is good or bad depends on the strength and thickness of the film thickness between 28 microns -30 microns, but because of some mix of recycled materials BOPP film strength is not enough, only thicker film thickness, this tape touch up and feel very thick, but the strength is poor, save for a short period will be significant in the aging. Colored marking tape is to facilitate and shelter use, color is not the film, but is the color of glue.

Ordinary sealing tape adhesive is an acrylic adhesive tincture fat, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive. Tincture activity is a polymer resin material, the temperature level has a certain influence on the molecular events. Glue tincture fat content directly affect the tape usage, many individuals feel that the glue stick tape is good, in fact, this is wrong. There are good and bad glue tape using two criteria, one tack is to maintain a force, the two are inversely proportional. Normal thickness glue sealing tape are generally 22-28 microns, it is the standard thickness.

2. The tape's identification:

In fact, we aim to use the tape is not sticky problem, but to stick firmly not separate. Most low-quality tape during use, after a period of time (between 20 minutes to one hour) will appear collapse opened the case, and can not be pasted again; secondly inferior tape easily broken, low strength, mainly related to the quality of the film , but also to avoid sharp objects scratching the tape cross-section, or even the best film will break the tape. Some people believe that the tape surface bubble-containing multi-tape is definitely not a good tape, it is not true, tape just after slitting into finished when the bubbles have placed some time after basic bubble will disperse.

Also regular production tape thickness of paper 100 meters below the tape is 3 mm, 100 meters above the 4-5 mm, and small businesses to deceive consumers using thick paper tube, usually thickness of 5-7 mm thickness , resulting in the appearance of relatively large, but the tape is very clear comparative flesh out. So choose the tape must be careful when the tape width and thickness of the tape.

To sum up, everyone on the tape from the appearance has been basically able to judge the quality of the tape, and then a tape to distinguish the most important condition is good or bad is not to feel alone feeling viscosity doped tape because no volatile time Tack is very high, so use taped object and then quickly opened and keeping power, repeated several times and then paste the touch, obviously feeling sticky drop it. Doped adhesive tape glue formulations are generally required when using gasoline and acid dissolution, so the smell is very large.

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