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When packaged with how to use Baler choose

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When packaged with how to use Baler choose

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At the same time not lack of use packer packing tape. Packaged with the purchase of consumables, whether it is automatic balers or balers, but it do not know much, packaged with varying quality on the market a lot of customers, price is not the same level, leading to inappropriate choice higher costs.

during production:

1, the use of renewable raw materials used

2, a lot of the incorporation of calcium carbonate and barite powder

3, each paper tube weighs 3.0 kg (added barite powder)

4, packing tape in the absence of tension, of course, widened thickened

Cause results:

1, packaged with appearance is not smooth, white

2, Rally poor, weak bonding point

3, extended meters shorter, increasing the cost of packaging

4, more packaging waste, can not be recycled, pollute the environment

5, strapping shorten life, often do not send belt, reclaim belt, packing is not tight, etc.

From packaged with seemingly low prices, in fact, the actual costs are increasing. Packaged with different manufacturers vary greatly ratio of raw materials, the cost disparity, followed by the use of units packaged with the length, not weight, so the packing tape on a weight unit is inappropriate according to international practice, the company packaged with, the price calculation is: the price per volume (yuan) = price per meter (RMB) X length of each volume (meters).

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