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PP strapping advantage

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PP strapping advantage

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As the packaging industry's most commonly used packaging materials, PP packaged with the application it has been very extensive. By now, packing tape industry has developed more than 30 years, from the initial purchase price we tonnes to the current classification type, sub-length, sub-use pricing shift, leading to the Shanghai PP strapping industry have changed. Growth in the industry, but also there are a lot of poor quality products mixed market, such as: the sandwich packing tape, tons of bag packing belt. These seem cheap packing tape, and can not really bring convenience to a variety of production.

We all know that PP broken materials packaged with the production of raw materials are refined from petroleum, its price is closely linked with oil prices. With the shortage of global oil resources, many manufacturers began to think of new ways to carry out the production. In many packaged with the type, it is a pure PP strapping material produced the best quality. But the prices are generally packaged with expensive, since demand can not afford to purchase, from the manufacturers cost is higher. So in the market, the most popular or those mixed with other materials and the production of packing tape. For the same size packing tape, pure materials Shanghai PP strapping tension often other types of 2 times, and better gloss appearance, color and more beautiful. Raw material more pure, more transparent packing tape.

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