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Packaged with the purchase considerations

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Packaged with the purchase considerations

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Select strapping must be combined with the demand of their products, to select the appropriate packing tape, absolutely not because of blind cost savings and greater losses. We often see as packaged with the loss caused injury and property damage to workers.

Poor Shanghai packing tape, the middle is lime powder clip is used as filler to increase weight, viscosity and tension simply do not have to use this package to bring packaging is very dangerous, especially in the handling process items the porters usually directly carrying packaged products bring on handling, because of poor quality packing tape stuck only part about 0.1MM, it is capacity or snapped off, it is likely to cause significant damage to the porters, but also cause loss of property.

One might think that if used hand tools to package, hand packing belt should be no problem. In fact, this awareness is quite dangerous, workers use manual strapping tension when packing tape, poor packing tape might immediately snapped, because the elastic force, packers may be harmful to eyes or body parts, packing material It will be scattered on the ground.

Therefore, when packaged products must be selected appropriate packing tape and strapping, safety first, quality proposal in more 20KG products are used to bring new material packaged packaged quality 200KG above, to use PET plastic metal strap to packaging, pallet packaging selection transparent green of new material PP strap or PET plastic metal strap, do not lose the greater losses than gains.

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