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Baler design principles

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Baler design principles

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Development of packaging machinery led the baler continues to progress, from the foundation to the present day manual semi-automatic balers, including arduous, perspiration, eventually exchange for a place now, yes, but has a place, but it It is opposed to the top in terms of packaging machinery. Baler is how to get it a place?

1. IC Design:

Baler new circuit design, the use of plug-in circuit board packer control of the entire packaging operation and iron head temperature, circuit board replacement is quite easy and convenient balers service.

2. Automatic shutdown devices, power utility:

When strapping strapping action is completed, no longer operating within 60 seconds, balers compact design, the motor stops automatically enter standby mode.

3. New Brake Design:

Brake reel of strapping using special spring design to ensure smooth forward with no noise, reasonable price baler

The instant heating, Packing:

Baler speed hot melt system design innovation within 5 seconds beat the heat sink can work to make PET strapping into the best package state.

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