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Decided packaged with price factors have?

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Decided packaged with price factors have?

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First, packaged with the category

Strapping is divided into many, under normal circumstances, if you are using PP strap, then we would see what baler you use to distinguish what package you take, for example, automatic balers also use automatic packing tape, packaged with semi-automatic semi-automatic balers, of course, lightweight package with automatic and semi-automatic strapping can be used. This would be based on the actual situation of the user to set up.

Second, the strapping parameters

Generally, we will ask the customer what the specifications of packing tape, just know that the specifications can understand what things packed, packaged with different specifications can be packaged with the price decision.

Third, packaged with loading capacity

Packing tape bearing different packaged with the use of different, for example, hand-packaged with only afford about 30 kg of goods, and semi-automatic strapping can only afford about 60 kg of goods, automatic packaging with a relatively heavier , we can afford less than 100 kg.

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