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Packaged with environmental protection broke through the bottleneck

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Packaged with environmental protection broke through the bottleneck

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Plastic packaging pollution has greatly affected our lives, prevention of pollution and plastics has been in the bottleneck. Before packaged with pollution of the environment is also very serious in recent years, everyone's idea of change, increasing the degree of importance of environmental protection, they begin to develop a new green strap. Recycling on packaged with the use of manufacturers have begun to rise, a new environmentally friendly packing tape before the PET plastic steel belt, now has been widely used.

1. It is understood that the areas of food, medicine, electronics, home appliances and other plastic packaging with the use of very large, are the plastic strapping. National annual amount of plastic used in the number of 100 million tons of these plastics can not be recovered in use, and is buried in the ground can not be broken, to our environment caused serious harm.

2. Because plastic pollution, many companies abandoned the production of plastic products, but in recent years, developed a piece of packing tape recovery in utilization equipment, and research and development of new environmentally friendly packing tape, packing tape so that people no longer use the pollution and worry.

3. Recently, packaged with the variety, PP packing belt, PET packing tape, etc., the new green strap is now widespread concern strapping material.

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