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Commonly packaged with several?

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Commonly packaged with several?

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Several commonly used packing tape:
Steel Strapping

Generally used to make a very heavy load integral transport member or the load securing inside the train, trailer or ocean-going vessel, rarely used after tying subsidence or displacement of contractile load, but can be firmly tying already compressed loads and loads are often bundled for rigidity.

Nylon strapping

With high sustained tension, generally used for heavy objects and can withstand high initial contractile tension load strapping, elongation and recovery rate with a larger than polyester or polypropylene packaging, is the most expensive plastic packing tape.

Polypropylene strapping

Cheapest tying material, which is generally used for lighter loads tying, bundling and sealing cartons. PP strapping has a high elongation and recovery rate, but not as good as others continued tension plastic packing tape.


Polyester strapping

It has the highest strength and maximum sustained tension in the plastic packing tape. For the requirements in the handling, transport and storage process has been maintained rigid load strapping tension, polyester strapping is an excellent tying material. Is commonly used for high tensile strength, high tensile and elongation of occasions continued, in many occasions, its performance is similar to the specifications of the light steel strapping.

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