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Not the more the better thick packing tape

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Not the more the better thick packing tape

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Many people buy packaged with packing tape will find this thick, thin is better than this, it should be judged one of the most normal of the first to bring the senses, but the fact is not the case, packing tape manufacturer revealed for you as kind of identification packaged with a good or bad:

 Strap quality is good or bad, depending on purity polypropylene packing tape Gaobu Gao, now packaged with a variety of sub-markets: pure polypropylene,



Add masterbatch, polypropylene plus renewable materials, recycled materials and polypropylene plus masterbatch. Packing pure polypropylene production with full transparent state, plus packaging polypropylene masterbatch production for translucent polypropylene plus production of renewable materials packaged with substantially opaque, polypropylene plus masterbatch production and packaged with recycled materials completely opaque. There is also a full-renewable materials and calcium carbonate powder packaged with sandwich material production, complete production of renewable materials packaged with relatively soft material of the tape sandwich is only the surface of the raw material, the rest are calcium carbonate (lime powder). Strap quality is good or bad depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene, the higher purity polypropylene packing tape tension better.


Packing belt fitting manner:

a) melt lap. After it uses electric welding, heat welding method of high frequency oscillation mechanical and ultrasonic welding or the like, it is heated to melt the plastic surface with the melted surfaces of the two ends of the lap belt up at a certain pressure to maintain a certain time, to be melted surface condensation adhesive plastic strip joints good way. The joint approach applies to polypropylene plastic tape, because polypropylene plastic with metal buckle belt when fastened mechanically, its strength is only 50% of the base material, adhesive connection does not apply.

b) metal button. This method is to use a one-way ratchet tensioner work to make the belt tension, then placed an iron buckle at the joints, and then clamp the iron buckle wrap two straps and sides of teeth irregularities iron buckle tooth, bite the tape will not to release it. Iron buckle usually made of galvanized iron, to adapt to choose the specifications of the iron buckle strap model based on the operation.

c) Ligation. Such joint approach is based on flexible plastic rope, twine as the tying materials, joints labeled slipknot. This joint approach both strong and beautiful, and easy to untie.

  Strapping PP and PET is made by mixing two plastics.


The main production processes: plastic pellets melt pressure zone --- ---- ----- wrapped roll forming ---- cooling ---- Packaging - storage system using polypropylene packing tape by heating, melting, pull stretch, cooled to produce packaging material mesh structure, influence strap quality of basic parameters is tension, length, bending, elongation. At the same tension and other parameters, the lower the cost of longer length.

* Available packaged with a full range of economic species and a variety of colors

* To promote the image with the CIS works

* Suitable for a variety of products packaging requirements

* Improved product packaging visual effects

* Quality meet GB12023-89 standards

* Country two patents

* To promote more character shape


Several commonly packaged with:


Steel Strapping

Generally used to make a very heavy load integral transport member or the load securing inside the train, trailer or ocean-going vessel, rarely used after tying subsidence or displacement of contractile load, but can be firmly tying already compressed loads and loads are often bundled for rigidity.

Nylon strapping

With high sustained tension, generally used for heavy objects and can withstand high initial contractile tension load strapping, elongation and recovery rate with a larger than polyester or polypropylene packaging, is the most expensive plastic packing tape.

Polypropylene strapping

Cheapest tying material, which is generally used for lighter loads tying, bundling and sealing cartons. PP strapping has a high elongation and recovery rate, but not as good as others continued tension plastic packing tape.

Polyester strapping

It has the highest strength and maximum sustained tension in the plastic packing tape. For the requirements in the handling, transport and storage process has been maintained rigid load strapping tension, polyester strapping is an excellent tying material. Is commonly used for high tensile strength, high tensile and elongation of occasions continued, in many occasions, its performance is similar to the specifications of the light steel strapping.

PP strapping

This product is machine with automatic balers, the strapping packaging operations apply to newspapers, publishing houses, bookstores, paper mills, general merchandise, food, post office, bakery candy, lumber and the like.


PP packaged with technical parameters

PP packaged with the product description:

Width 5mm

0.4mm thickness

Rally> 60kg

Weight 10kg

Length 7000m

Paper core inner diameter of 200mm

PP packing tape 9mm

Width 9mm

0.6mm thickness

Rally> 90kg

Weight 10kg

Length 3000m

Paper core inner diameter of 200mm


PET packaged characteristic band

Machine packing belt manual packing belt packaged with heavy printing packing tape PET plastic-steel band characteristics

1, strong tensile strength:

2, small elongation: elongation rate is sixth polypropylene (PP) belt, a long time to maintain the tension.

3, temperature and strong: a melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below the use of deformation.

4, good flexibility: sharp edges, safe operation without steel belt, neither injury nor damage to the hand-tied objects.

5, beautiful rust: rust-free steel belt tied to the risk of contamination of objects, bright colors can learn a lesson.

6, the economic good: the length of one ton of steel with the equivalent of 6 tons of steel belt, steel belt below the unit price per meter, can reduce your costs.

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