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What are the advantages of having a transparent package

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What are the advantages of having a transparent package

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Raw materials: raw materials, complete with a new material (no recycled material) plus precious additives, no almost free of impurities, mechanical and physical properties of the product more stable, each Mick weight accuracy and stability, the overall performance is improved. More stable product quality, due to the readjustment of the use of new materials, machinery and equipment updates, production process, product width can be further stabilized to avoid uneven tape thickness, skewness product of effective control in a reasonable range within; pure raw material, more heat, heat sealing packing belt tension has been effectively guaranteed. Improve production efficiency, high cost of packing tape can effectively improve the efficiency of the baler, packaging lines more smoothly.

    Lower costs: Strapping use does not contain any new material damage balers, so the failure rate lower packer 90% lower wear rate five times, to improve production line efficiency and reducing effect balers maintenance costs. Packing loss amount ordinary automatic packing tape is 5%, the new transparent packing tape packaged loss is 1%, effectively reducing the cost of packing tape packaging image using the new transparent packing tape, comply with environmental requirements and international quality requirements, to enable enterprises to improve product image and quality, so that the external corporate image has been further improved.

    Cost: The new transparent packing tape from the raw materials, product quality, productivity, cost reduction is far superior to conventional fully automatic packing tape, because the production process of advanced, pull stronger, skewness smaller, and transparent packing tape the entire volume of a strap, no waste, it will not affect the package rate. Its price is 1.3 times the ordinary automatic packing tape.

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