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What features packaged with

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What features packaged with

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1, strong tensile strength: both strip-like tensile strength, but also can impact the scalability, better ensure the safe transport of your product.

2, small elongation: elongation rate is sixth polypropylene (PP) belt, a long time to maintain the tension.

3, temperature and strong: a melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below the use of deformation.

4, good flexibility: sharp edges, safe operation without steel belt, neither injury nor damage to the hand-tied objects.

5, beautiful rust: rust-free steel belt tied to the risk of contamination of objects, bright colors can learn a lesson.

6, the economic good: the length of one ton packaged with the equivalent of 6 tons of steel belt, steel belt below the unit price per meter, can reduce your costs.

PP packaged with:

Material: polypropylene resin drawing class, because of its plasticity, fracture tensile strength, bending resistance, light weight, ease of use. It has been widely role in various fields.

Cheap semi-automatic strapping:

◇ high strength, good toughness, soft texture

◇ non-absorbent, recyclable, face smooth

◇ wear small, varieties, easy to use

Strapping: is a new alternative to steel strapping, widely used in ceramics, cotton, aluminum, building materials, tobacco, paper.

Hand packaged with:

Hand packing tape based on polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a variety of additives, drawn into a band, woven into a net, mesh into a regular hexagon, each of three intersecting layers, closely linked, tension evenly dispersed in six directions, this structure is conducive to vertical dispersion of heavy loads, network and network with the Internet rope connected, as a whole, depending on each coal mining process can be divided into the total mining and other mining and stratification. Mine plastic retaining the top net acid corrosion, not aging, long life, avoiding the disadvantages with barbed wire rust easily.

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