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Packing tape quality is what factors determine the

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Packing tape quality is what factors determine the

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When we buy packaged with, not only look at his price, but also depends on the quality of his, he will consider only the quality of clearance prices. What are the factors that can affect the packaged with the quality? Today we will briefly introduce.

1, packed with raw materials. Whether it is packaged with good, anything else or, if the raw material is not good, the production of the product is relatively poor. If the packing tape containing impurities, the dense and relatively poor adhesion ability.

2, packing tape production process. Packaged with the production process also determines the quality packaged with quality an important factor, if the production process backward, poor equipment, the production out of packing tape will cause uneven thickness, width uneven pattern shades, these reasons will cause packing with poor quality.

3, prolonged storage. If packaged with longer storage time, especially in a humid environment, makes packaged with aging embrittlement.

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