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Talking about the problem with the fusion of metal packaging

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Talking about the problem with the fusion of metal packaging

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In the metal packaged with the daily operation of the process, there may be some problems, such as tin packing tape over the broken weld or fusion process, when these problems when we should do it? Today, you simply analyze the reasons for this situation and the solutions.

First, the metal strapping fusion process fracture

Cause: 1. packing tape thickness is not enough; 2. the fusion time is not long; 3. friction welded part cooling time is too short;

Workaround: 1. Properly sized packer packing tape, packing tape, or according to specification adjustment metal balers; 2. Demand shorten time fuse; 3. After fusion, hold for three seconds after the end of the packer can not fused from remove the packing tape.

Second, packaged with an incomplete fusion or fusion

Workaround: 1. Hold down tin packing reversing valve to release the tension of the belt; 2. Hold the tensioner to operate, is the tensioner and the exhaust valve adapter, then turn off the valve.

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