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Common types of packing tape

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Common types of packing tape

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Packaged with its excellent features, favored by customers and recognition, following small series for everyone to talk about common types of packing tape, as follows:

1, semi-automatic strapping


Manufactured from renewable materials from polypropylene, a non-sandwich material, nor contain any lime, and other heavy impurities. No pantograph more suitable for use in semi-automatic balers.

Product advantages:

1. The raw materials are the improved handling, better elasticity, less wear on the baler

2. The side edges treated to manufacture cable fringe to increase friction and strapping tightness

3. The product specifications and colors can be customized according to customer requirements

2, transparent packing tape


Complete with a new pure polypropylene raw material (no recycled material). Mechanical and physical properties of the product more stable, each Mick weight evenly, tape width and the tape thickness and stability, skewness product does not exceed 15mm / m; overall performance increase.

Product advantages:

1. error small, the width of error of less than 0.3mm, the thickness error is less than 0.05mm

2. bonding effect, due to the use of pure material that is easier to heat

3. packaged with the appearance of bright, clear night. Effectively improve the packaging grades

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