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The band appeared on the sweep packaged and solutions

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The band appeared on the sweep packaged and solutions

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Some low-quality packaged with where we are not wearing gloves if there occurs stabbed hand when in use, which is caused by packing tape glitch. Well packaged tape glitch is how come from? And how do you solve it?

1, the oven temperature is too high, this is the reason for this phenomenon, when the oven temperature is too high, there will be packaged with a burr phenomenon, this time we should adjust the proper oven temperature.

2, stretching blocked, the stretching process if because of other factors led to tension by the resistance, it is another reason packaged with glitches, and this time we want to adjust the degree of stretching to prevent glitches event.

3, the stretching temperature is too low, the time when the temperature is too low, prone to glitches, this time we have to adjust the packing temperature zone.

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