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What should be noted when packaged with use

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What should be noted when packaged with use

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Today I will briefly introduce the use packaged with the precautions, we want to help.

1, according to the identity of the bezel width adjustment reel tape roll, so tube bending, straight seam steel pipe, seamless web width is not too large nor too small, too large a volume easily scattered in the demolition volume is too small binoculars during rotation so easy to get stuck. Bend steel workers plus package, straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe as usual to reel tape roll width approximately equal to 1.5 times the width of Yin as well;

2, straight seam steel equipment roll roll roll should hang the tape roll against the fence;

3, straight seam steel tape roll in circles where there should be hung on the reel;

4, adjust the brake drum skin, not too loose. Bending painted steel tube processing package, straight seam steel pipe, seamless when the brake is too loose can not afford to dye pottery, when rapid or stop abruptly after the demolition of the high-speed straight seam steel pipe volume, is likely to cause scattered volumes.

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