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Machine packing belt and hand packed with what is the difference

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Machine packing belt and hand packed with what is the difference

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Some users just touch when packaged with, for packaged with machine and hand packed with very vague concept, so how to distinguish packaged with machine and hand packaged with it? Today we will briefly introduce.

1, raw material difference, packaged with machine basically PP as raw or plus PET resin polyester, machine packaged with general hardness and verticality is relatively high, and hand packing belt PP raw material used mainly to add some renewable materials blend, no machine packaged with the appearance of bright color, relative machine packing slightly cheaper price.

2, under normal circumstances, hand generally do not have paper circle, and (paper circle to trap the packer roller, serve as an anchor job in packaging) machine packaged with certain paper circle

3, texture, hand packing machine with a relatively thicker packaged with some general thickness 0.7-0.8mm, hardness and verticality are all somewhat less certain, if the packer, prone to cassette and other phenomena, in fact hand packaged with the baler can also be used, but the hand and machine packing belt strap quality and production process is different, relatively easy to wear machine.

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