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Environmentally friendly packing tape

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Environmentally friendly packing tape

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   Over time, mature awareness of scientific and technological progress, opening up of the market economy, all sectors of production technology for all kinds of products more profound. Of a product is not just simply a need for a "quantity" of things, "quality" is increasingly being valued.

    First look at the packing tape packaged with the industry, starting from the first twist of the rope, and now environmentally friendly packing tape. The industry has experienced several years of development. In this one for a long period of time, we only value the cheap packing tape.

    From an environmental perspective, resources are limited, this also requires that we can be recycled to conserve resources. The environmentally friendly packing tape is not filling any padding and impurities in the use of pulverized pumping tablets can also be used absolutely environmentally friendly.

    So, from the perspective of long-term and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly packaging with advanced production and widespread use and replace step by step Core zone (the regeneration zone) is inevitable.

    Packaged with environmentally friendly gloss, transparency, bright degree of color, and it looked a very on the grade stuff.

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