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Strapping can be divided into eight main categories

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Strapping can be divided into eight main categories

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Strapping can be divided into eight main categories

1, from the production of PP material quality can be divided into packet core and solid core with a belt;

2, from the quality of the products can be divided into transparent to A grade, transparent B grade, A grade, AB class A, B, BC-class and C-class and so on;

3, from the packer to use can be divided into manual packing tape, packing tape machine (machine packing belt is divided into a fully automatic and semi-automatic strapping machine strapping);

4, can be divided into the uses of packaging with packing tape and crafts;

5, from whether printing can be divided into printing with and without printing belt;

6, from the ability to withstand point of view there PP strapping, steel strapping (also known as PET strap) and tin packing belt;

7, a source from the production of raw materials packaged with new material can be divided into packing tape and packaged with recycled materials;

8, from the color point of view there strapping, strapping gray and white colored packing tape.

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