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How to identify the quality of the color of the foil

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How to identify the quality of the color of the foil

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Has now packaged with colorful, like colored packing tape, red, yellow, blue, white, etc. The purpose is to make easily recognizable mark, many people think this is the color packaged with the film, in fact, color is the glue Colour.

With the development, the advancement of technology, the industry's production technology is becoming more mature, packaged Take bring that more and more types, machine and hand, and steel, the new material, back material, transparent, colored, etc. to meet different packaging needs. Color is free of impurities packaged with an entire roll of color and color opened after a little difference, because a good color packaged with a strong shielding, the situation there is no color overlay, doped colored packing tape to color coated on the film, only the use of glue way, it will bring the situation often encountered due to a large magazine packed particles did not appear to completely dissolve card knife appear.

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