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Packaged with the production unit of the component parts are there?

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Packaged with the production unit of the component parts are there?

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   Packaged with the production unit consists of twelve components, the extruder screw, die, tanks, PP blank traction, oven, stretching, Corona, ink oven, embossing turbine, back oven ,, Tibet belt, winding machines and so on.

    Extruder screw: Using 38CrMoAL finishing nitriding treatment, good wear specially designed, using the exhaust process, plasticizing yield advantages. The main raw materials back to the level of PP, new materials, mainly in the production process without drying and fry mix, saving power consumption, while reducing labor costs.

   PP blank traction: packing tape production equipment using three stick wheel frequency control, effectively improve the PP blank plate flatness.

   Oven: Double combination heating oven to PP belt tension in the oven; increase the stretch ratio, increasing the tensile strength.

   Embossing turbine: The turbine structure design, high running accuracy, a clear pattern, low noise, long life, easy operation.

Corona: PP strap production unit with a smooth surface due to adhesion of the ink is not easy, we need to corona treatment to improve ink adhesion PP tape surface. After corona treatment printing inks, legible, easy ink drop.

   Stretch: Frequency control stick round stretch to pull five effective solution to the fatigue strength of PP band generated in the production process. PP packing belt production unit to make more vertical flat strip plate.

  Winder: a unique process design, simple operation, winder belt width 6mm ~ 9mm when using passive pressure roller, an effective solution to the rolling plane and the side finished neat formation; rewinding tension stability, improved PP band verticality and so on.

 These are the characteristics of the Pacific brand packaged with the production unit, the company specializes in producing packing tape and production equipment, specializing in three years. Equipment and production principle to grasp thoroughly. The company employed over the years, get all kinds of packing tape patents, such as packing tape tricolor, production equipment is the industry praise. Want more advice strapping or equipment please contact customer service.

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