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Packaged with how to use?

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Packaged with how to use?

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   Today we come packaged with the usage of the aspects detailed explanation about. Package with three uses, namely, hand and semi-automatic machines as well as fully automatic machine with use.

   Hand packaged with the correct use: 1, will be packaged with a right bend, buckle package insert, then fold into the right side of the retainer rod packing band taut. 2, left hand holding the packing band around the package, the package insert packaging deduction with left bend, fold into the right side of the fixing rod packing tape inside. 3, packaging deduction hand fixed, left hand and hold the left strapping tension to force the packaging deduction. 4, finally holding scissors to cut the strapping.

     Proper use of semi-automatic machine packing belt: the packed items on the machine top, and then packaged with bypass under article inserted into the machine, it will automatically lay. Packaging is repeated many times as needed to use this method.

   Proper use of automatic machine packing belt: This package is the easiest way and the most safe and effective. The items on the top packer, press the button to be packaged. Require multiple packing, repeatedly using this method.

    And that we in the Pacific packaged with different methods for different balers use in case of doubt, please consult the customer, we will any of your questions are answered.

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