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PE shrinkable film

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PE shrinkable film

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  • Release date:2015/08/19
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PE film

一、Product material: high and low pressure PE raw material

二、All kinds of products can be tailor-made according to customer requirements.

三、Purpose: arts and crafts, tools, small appliances, packaging.

PE shrinkable film Also called tensile film, heat shrinkable film, the earliest is base material with PVC, plasticizer DOA for plays a role of adhesive and the production of PVC wrap film. Due to environmental problems, the cost is high (relative PE than major, packing unit area), and poor stretchability reason, when in 1994 ~ 1995 domestic began to produce PE stretch film to be eliminated gradually. And good transparency and longitudinal extensibility, good resilience, lateral resistance and good performance, good adhesive lap joint resistance. With puncture resistant performance, ultra thin, high strength, etc.

For a variety of piled up on the plate of the cargo packing, make packaging more stable, orderly, more waterproof and dustproof effect, is widely used in papermaking, logistics, chemical, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass, etc.


The product name

PEShrink film

The proportion of product

0.925 g/cm3

The thickness of the product

Single: 0.05 mm - 0.15 mm; The conventional thickness: 0.06 mm to 0.08 m

The width of the product


Product use

Electrical appliances, arts and crafts, food and beverage packaging, etc

Product advantages

Is not prone to brittle, products at low temperature is not easy to burst, is environmental protection product

Product defect

Transparency is poor, packaging large contraction force

Calculation: the proportion of length * width * thickness x = each bag price + bag fee

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